At CIS De Avila, we have become a top school in San Francisco via parent involvement and parent co-operation with our excellent teachers and principal. The least we can do is join the PTA and pay our dues! We have always had very high membership in the PTA, and it makes the school better for our children.

100%? Or very close to that :)

No - ParentDB and your PTA membership info is private, and only available to other members of CIS who have joined the PTA.

PTA rules specify that each member must have a sperate PTA membership. So when you use this application to register your spouse, they recieve their own account. They have been emailed their password, and they can log in and change their picture/information.

Please ask them to add their picture! This is the only resource in the school where parents can easily find out what the names and faces are of other parents in the school. Your spouse probably does not know about this applicatioin, so let them know, make them add a picture!

No Oliver Hack, you should not. It does show other parents that you have hilarious flair, but for those who don't know you, you will remain an anonyomous entity, appearing to being a mythological being.

Yes. BrainTree from PayPal is used to collect fees, so it is very secure. No payment information is stored on this site.

Those are the required fields from the PTA, same as the paper form. You have privacy controls to not share those with other parents if you wish.

Yes. You will have a profile and will just have to re-authorize payment/agree to join the PTA next year. It should be a one-click renewal.

Yes, you can use your PayPal account or pay with credit card. This will authorize PTA fees for this year, and allow renewal for next year. The company listed for PayPal is Recursive Technology, which hosts parentdb.com.

BrainTree has a special deal that has zero fees for the first $50,000 of payments. So for the foreseeable future there are no fees! BrainTree is great, check them out. BrainTree

About the same way as when you pay with cash/check. The PTA Membership Chair is in charge of collecting payments and submitting them to the treasurer. In this case the payments and records are electronic so it is easier to track and less work for everybody.

YES! Please do, either on sign up, or after you log in. It really helps to have a directory where we can actually see pictures of other parents, but everybody has to participate.

If you are using a mobile device, you can easily use your camera when adding a picture. Or on desktop, you just choose a picture. You can also add a picture after you sign up.

Yes. You do not need to share your info with other parents to join the PTA. Just log in and set your controls to private/anonymous. You will be counted for total numbers of PTA members. However, other parents will appreciate it if you share your name and picture at least.

Sure - there is no requirement to use parentdb to join the CIS De Avila PTA. You can pay manually with a paper form, cash and check. Just email <%= ADMIN_EMAIL %>. Or fill out this ..form.. and mail it to this ..address..

Charles Oppenheimer, parent at CIS De Avila of Olivia and Lucy, and PTA Membership chair for 2015-2016.

You can contact the lead developer Giang Nguyen for Ruby on Rails development!

First - I am the PTA membership chair this year. Wanted a more efficient way to collect PTA fees. And increase membership.. if parents can sign up easily for the PTA, at home, hopefully it increases membership.

Also, I have wanted some type of app that allows for a small social network between parents. The main thing I *need* - pictures of parents. Sometimes I email a parent 5 times, and don't know what they look like. Other times, I talk to a parent 5 times and forget their name. So I had thought that an app that allows creating a directory, including pictures, is a good idea.

This app starts with a few functions:

  • Collecting PTA payments
  • Creating a directory of parents with pictures.
  • Allowing easy renewal for next year
  • If it proves useful to collect PTA fees create parent network, the most obvious next step would be communications. Parents would be able to message each other, post pictures, create events. Lots could be done. But, one step at a time.

    Also, if it works well I'd like to open it up to other schools.

    Please share them! This is just the start if this app is used. Start off with emailing admin@parentdb.com and we can talk.

    No. The SF PTA requires that the PTA Member chair collects payments, and track information about members in paper forms and spreadsheets, but does not provide tools for that. This is a tool built by a parent to help collect PTA fees.

    Please tell us! <%= ADMIN_EMAIL %> . If lots of schools want this, it will help justify building the ability for multiple schools to use this.

    BrainTree, our credit card processor, requires a refund statement. The California PTA does not provide refunds. However, if during the use of this site you accidentally sign up or some other issue, you can get a refund.

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